Play bitcoin lottery and collect digital currency secure manner

Lottery is the most popular game in all over the country but some country it was illegal to play. Most of the people hope in luck for those people they like to play the lottery game. It is a lucky draw game, buy ticket with series of random numbers and lucky draw decide on the winning series. The biggest lotto is in U.S known as Powerball lottery and makes the largest lottery jackpot in every time.

weekly lottery

Lottery has no different from bitcoin lottery both have same way of play but if you win in the lottery you have cash prize but in the bitcoin lottery they give as bitcoin by entering the bitcoin wallet address. Bitcoin are legal from beginning to end, the whole process deals with the electronic money. There was no real money on hand and it is passes through the bank system. So the government could not able to trace out the bitcoin where to go and come.

Bitcoin lottery is providing ticket from Monday to Sunday and in Sunday they will announce the winner. You can collect the ticket in websites by play the bet on dice game, free BTC Roll, if you refer the website and directly buy the ticket from website. Bitcoin is the electronic cash system and it is decentralized digital currency without using the bank authority. Bitcoin transfer or receive to worldwide network without require of the middle man with secure manner. No one control the bitcoin network and bitcoin spread to all over world by open network of computer that crosses the world.